Landscape Design

Christensen Landscaping’s professional landscape design and planning will increase the beauty and usability of your home or business in the New Jersey, Bergen county area.

A well designed and properly installed landscape provides years of enjoyment and increases property value for northern New Jersey residents.

Our professional landscape designers are key to creative solutions for any environment. We can assist you with gardens, hardscapes, water features and more so that all the elements of your project merge into one that is balanced and ascetically pleasing.  Call us today or click below to set up an appointment.

Landscape Design - Bergen County

Team of Professional Landscape Designers for Bergen County

When our landscape designers are drawing out your landscape ideas the first thing we do is measure the area we will be working with. When we are doing a large area; we will go to the local county records office and get a blue print of the property so that the designs we make will be accurate. This also allows us to see where water and gas lines lay so we don’t disturb them when working it the yard.

Next, we measure sidewalks, decks, driveways and any other permanent elements on the property and plot them on our design layout template. If there are any existing trees or shrubs that you wish to keep, we measure and place them accurately on our landscape layout template.

Now that our designers have our complete template; we will take more in-depth ideas that you have for your landscape. With these ideas in mind we will make three to five landscape designs for you to choose from. After you have selected the plan you like best; Christensen Landscaping will start work on your landscape area.

Northern New Jersey Landscape Design

We take pride in the fact that our designers are highly experienced with an extensive knowledge of our local climate, soils and plant varieties, ensuring that our landscapes will thrive once they are installed.

From renovations of your existing landscape, to new residential landscape design and construction, or even large scale commercial sites, our seasoned design team is ready to develop a professional landscape design to fit the needs of your particular site and budget.

Flower Beds for your Landscape Design

First we will talk to you about where and what kind of flower bed you want. Then we will draw up a design. After we get the right design we will start work on your new flower bed.

We will start with putting in layout markers and digging out the out line of the flower bed. When that is done we will start digging out the center of the new flower bed. At this point we can add a small stone wall around the flower bed if you want a raised flower bed. We will use a rototiller on the patch of dirt to allow oxygen back in the soil. If your soil is poor quality we will add a few bags of manure to the dirt before using the rototiller.

Now we will go and select plants for the flower bed. This can be anything form shrubs to flowering plants. We will strategically place them in the floor bed to give you the best look possible. Lastly we will add mulch to protect them from moisture loss and insulate from cold.

Contact us to see how we can make your Bergen county New Jersey landscape design ideas come true!

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Christensen Landscaping is passionate about providing a superior level of customer services and a commitment to make your property in Bergen county, New Jersey the best it can be.

Landscaping and Professional Lawn Care can make a world of difference for your Bergen county home. It will bring instant curb appeal and increased value to your property, as well as creating an aesthetic paradise for your friends and family to enjoy.

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Making your space paradise.

Christening Landscaping provides quality landscaping and lawn care services.  Our design-build approach allows for a seamless flow from conception to completion.

Since 1993, Christensen Landscaping prides itself in offering the best design, construction, and maintenance services in Bergen County New Jersey.

Let us make your outdoor living space paradise and dreams a reality!