Water Features

Many people enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water. Christensen Landscaping can place several types of water features in your backyard so you can enjoy the sounds of flowing water. We can order several types of water features and fountains that meet your taste and install them for you.

Our landscpace cotractors can also build stone waterfalls that have both a natural and peaceful quality about them. They will also attract several bird varieties; fill your backyard with bird songs.

If you want a little larger water feature that the whole family can enjoy; we do custom design garden ponds whether for fish or water plants. These ponds come with a small waterfall addition to them to keep the water clean and filtered.

How does Christensen Landscaping build a small pond

We start out by marking the out line of the pond in the area you want it. Next our landscape contractors will start digging out the area. We normally try to have 3 different levels: shallow (1 foot deep), mid (1 ½ - 2 feet deep), and deep (3-5 feet deep), this allows us to be able to plant different plant life in and around the pond and gives you the option of putting aquatic live like koi, gold fish, and turtles in your pond.

Next we place the water filtration system in. This normally includes water skimmer that pumps water through a hose to the waterfall tank. The waterfall tank will allow water to over flow back into the pond giving you the peaceful sound of flowing water.

After we have the filtration system in place, our landscape contractors will start laying a sand infill for the pond. Then we lay down the plastic pond liner that keeps the water from sinking into the ground.

At this point we start adding rocks and plants in and around the pond. After we are done doing that we will start filling up the pond with water. When it is full we will turn on the water filtration system to make sure it is working properly. Now you have a gorgeous pond that you can add water plants and fish to.