How does Christensen Landscaping build a flower bed

First we will talk to you about where and what kind of flower bed you want. Then we will draw up a design. After we get the right design we will start work on your new flower bed.

We will start with putting in layout markers and digging out the out line of the flower bed. When that is done we will start digging out the center of the new flower bed. At this point we can add a small stone wall around the flower bed if you want a raised flower bed. We will use a rototiller on the patch of dirt to allow oxygen back in the soil. If your soil is poor quality we will add a few bags of manure to the dirt before using the rototiller.

Now we will go and select plants for the flower bed. This can be anything form shrubs to flowering plants. We will strategically place them in the floor bed to give you the best look possible. Lastly we will add mulch to protect them from moisture loss and insulate from cold.

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